Preparations for Ugadi 2022 festival start a week ahead. People smooth and renovate their homes. Buying of the new garments in addition to required objects for the competition is execute. Humans bathe before the dawn and decorate the doorway door & home windows with the fresh mango leaves.

Ugadi Panchangam

  • Ugadi is well known on the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (first day of the bright fortnight of the Hindu month Chaitra), as in step with the Panchangam.
  • The Pratipada Tithi need to be successful throughout the sunrise of the day.
  • In case, the sunrises of two days are witnessing Pratipada, the first day may be considere for the birthday party.
  • If Pratipada Tithi isn’t always triumphing on any dawn, the day can be considere while the Tithi could be beginning.
  • Ugadhi isn’t celebrate in Adhik Maas (more month add after every 32 months, sixteen days, and 8 Ghatis).
  • In Sanskrit, the day of Ugadi is refer to as Chaitra Shuddha Padyami.

King of Nav Samvatsara (Varshesh)

The Lord of the first day of the brand new 12 months is take into consideration as the Lord of the whole yr. In 2022, first day is Saturday. Lord saturn is the Lord of Saturday. consequently, Lord of this New yr is saturn. Kartikeya and Ganesha, the sons of Shiva-Parvati, were very keen on mangoes. Kartikey insisted human beings to tie mango leaves at the door of their houses to welcome prosperity and right harvest.

Humans additionally make colorful Rangolis in front in their houses after sprinkling the place with the cow dung mixed water. The new 12 months is begin with the benefits of gods by means of worshipping them. Humans worship the gods as consistent with their comfort. Humans from the various areas of Deccan plateau in India have fun Ugaadi with awesome enthusiasm. Relatives collect on a grand dinner party. Festivities start from an early morning oil bathtub.

Ugadi competition 2022: Rituals For The Day

In India, each pageant has its own rituals and traditions to be observe. In addition, Ugadi additionally has many rituals which can be follow. It’s far believe that as per the rituals of Ugadi, the arrangements for the pageant starts offevolved days prior to the unique day of Ugadi celebrations. The exhilaration is somehow much like the celebrations of the new year celebrations, as it’s far the day of have fun and starting of new era.

As per the rituals of Ugadi, every and each corner of the house are wipe clean. Whilst the morning of the Ugadi day starts, anybody wakes up and takes an oil bath. After taking tub, human beings enhance their home with the aid of unique method. Which includes making Rangolis, putting mango leaves. Then the devotees visit the nearest temple and provide prayers and chant Mantras, in order that the approaching year brings desirable luck and blessings of the Almighty. After the Puja is done, Pandits (clergymen) recite the every year horoscope or the forecast for the upcoming yr. This tradition of reciting the every year horoscope is called ‘Panchanga Sravanam’.

Ugadi 2022 festival : Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh

The country of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh within the South India celebrates New year as Ugadi or Yugadi. Ugadi is celebrate on the primary day of Chaitra month of the Hindu Calendar. As according to ideals, it’s far the only day while Lord Brahma created the seven worlds. As such, it’s miles a new beginning for all and sundry. It’s far considere very auspicious to get the every year predictions examine out in this day. At the side of this, houses are wipe clean, Rangolis are make, new clothes are worn and chocolates are exchanged with buddies and own family to welcome the Hindu New year. It’s far believe that placing the mango leaves on the doorway of the primary door is likewise auspicious. A unique candy called Obbattu or Holige is ready on this unique day.

Ugadi 2022 festival : Maharashtra Celebrates Gudi Padwa

The day of Hindu New year is well known as Gudi Padwa within the state of Maharashtra and Goa. A Gudi (bamboo stick) wrap with a silk fabric is erecte and a copper bowl is position on the top of it. It is then embellish with plant life, neem leaves, mango leaves, turmeric and vermilion. Gudi Padwa day isn’t best celebrate as the new year day, however also because the day which marks the victory of Lord Rama’s war against Ravana in Lanka.

It is say that once Lord Rama won the war, his troops kept this flag in front of every house in Lanka to mark the victory. On this day, a special dish make out of mango is prepare. Other dishes organized on this day are Puran Poli and Shrikhand, to call only a few.

History, Significance and date

The day starts with a go to to Lord Ganesha temple, as it is take into consideration very auspicious to start anything new with the benefits of Lord Ganesh. People watch for Gudi Padwa day to commence new ventures, as it’s miles an confident fulfillment, if executed in this day.

Tamil Nadu & Kerala have a good time Puthandu & Vishueven as the new year is celebrate as Vishu in Kerala. It’s miles celebrate as Puthandu Dhinam or Varusha Pirappu in Tamil Nadu. The day starts offevolve with carrying new garments, making Rangolis and appearing Puja to the Gods. One of the rituals accompanie inside the Malayalam network is the ‘Vishukkani’. Which means that the first factor you notice at the day of Vishu. It’s miles believe that, if the primary sight is an auspicious one, the whole year will come to be exact. Also, a group of fruits and veggies refer to as Vishu Kani is delivered in for Puja.

Kashmir Celebrates Navreh

The brand new yr day is well known as Navreh in Kashmir. Navreh manner New year. And as in keeping with rituals, a plate packed with rice, curd, walnuts, pen, coins and jantri is positioned inside the center of the residence the preceding night to New year. The next day (on Navreh), Puja’s start with the placing of this plate.

Ugadi festival 2022 Celebrations

After the of entirety of rituals of Ugadi, permit’s move on to the celebration of the first day of latest year. It is state that at a few temples, Kavi Sammelans (the poetic recitation events) are organize, wherein diverse poets display their capabilities of poetry. Therefore, Ugadi is also know the ‘festival of poets’. Those functions are organize at a massive scale at some of the places. The quality poet is present, various cultural, musical, and folk dance packages also are organize.

Ugadi competition 2022: Dish For The Day

As every festival has special dishes to be prepare for the day, glaringly. We can’t leave out out the dishes to be make for completing the celebrations of Ugadi in 2017. There may be a unique dish this is to be make on the event of Ugadi, namely Ugadi Pachadi in Telugu language. It’s far state that the dish is make by blending six substances. Mixing unique elements in a single dish approach that life is likewise a aggregate of such a lot of matters altogether, and one has to just accept each taste of life. The dish make on this day is the primary one to be take in this day as a food.

The components which are mix in this dish imply the tastes of life. Following are the components and their relation to the phases of existence:

Neem Buds: They suggest unhappiness of existence, as they may be bitter in flavor.
Salt: It suggests the salty moments of existence.
Jaggery: It suggests sweet and satisfied moments of life.
Chilli or pepper: It shows temperament and aggressive face of lifestyles.
Unripened mango: It indicates tanginess in existence.
Tamarind extract: It suggests the sourness of existence.
There are few different dishes which can be prepare in different states of India like Obbattu in Karnataka, and Bobattu in Andhra Pradesh.


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