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We are one of the best packers and movers in ColabaYou can trust on us. Organization of highly confident staff. Fully handle the staff transfer process. If you are with us, we keep you from stress. Our aim is to bring satisfaction to the customer. Company provides you high level packing facility.

As a professional packers and movers in Colaba, we understand the value of your goods. Well packed and taken to your desired location. Our personnel and drivers manage the work well. We give good packing services at lowest price. Each item is well pack and transferred.

Packers and movers in Colabaproperly digest our customer requirement and work on them. Want to expand the facility of packing and moving. Do booking as well a small and big consignment. The company makes every effort to maintain quality of the packing. Pack the goods well and wipe them safely. Our personnel carry out the process of loading the goods from vehicle to vehicle.

Colaba overview:

Colaba is part of the old Mumbai. That begins the gateway of India. It is one of the four peninsulas of Mumbai, while the other three are worli, Bandra and Malabar hills. During portugese rule in the 16th century. Known as kolbhat. After the British government took over Island in the late 17th century. It was known as kolio. So we are the best Packers and Movers in Colaba.

  • Country – India
  • State – Maharashtra
  • District – Mumbai city
  • Zone – 1
  • Ward – A
  • Government – BMC
  • Language – Marathi
  • Pin code – 400005
  • Area code – 022
  • Vehicle Registration – MH 01
  • Lok sabha – Colaba
  • Vidhan sabha – Mumbai (south)
  • School and Institutions

School and Institutions

  • J. B. Petit high School
  • Campion school
  • The scholar high school
  • G.D Somani Memorial school
  • Kendriya vidhalya
  • Dunneis institute

Company in colaba

  • West coast marine yacht services private limited
  • Marine solutions
  • World connect private limited
  • All Cargo logistics private limited
  • Ags world transport private limited
  • Agarwal packers and movers limited
  • RBI Bank
  • DHL Courier service
  • Blue dart courier service

Ecostal removals® is one of the best Packers and Movers in Colaba. You can trust on us. We are an organization of highly confident staff. Fully handle the staff transfer process. If you are with us, we keep you from stress. Our aim is to bring satisfaction to the customer. We at Movers and Packers Colaba, provide you high level packing facility.

As a professional Packers and Movers in Colaba, we understand the value of your goods. Well packed and taken to your desired location. Our personnel and drivers manage the work well. We give good packing services at lowest price. Each item is well pack and transferred. Reliable and high-profile Packers and Movers in Colaba.

We are expert in packing and moving services in Colaba

Properly digest our customer’s requirement and work on them. Want to expand the facility of packing and moving. We do book as well as small and big consignment. The company makes every effort to maintain the quality of the packing. We want to that we pack the goods well and wipe them safely. Our personnel carry out the process of loading the goods from vehicle to vehicle. That’s why No #1 Packers and Movers in Colaba.

Customer claims good packing and we live up to it. Many time it happens that we load it in a good packing. But at the time of unloading, there is a possibility of breaking many items. This happen when some goods are not packed. Well, we do not do any such work so that such an incident is not expected in the future. We clean and pack each item properly and store them well in the box. After all the goods are packed. They declare the value of all the goods. After that load the goods in the vehicle. Professional Packers and Movers in Colaba.

Packers and Movers in Colaba
Packers and Movers in Colaba

Professional relocation services near me

We are doing packing and moving work in Colaba since last 2014. Colaba is a developed area. There is many IT and logistics companies’ offices in Colaba cities. Due to which people from all over state work here. From here we shift people every day. So, we are No #1 Packers and Movers in Colaba.

We have many such workers in Colaba whose work we are doing permanently. The employee of the company we work in Colaba, they spot us a lot. We get offers for good deeds from the work we do. The work of packing and moving works well for the work found during three references. Providing best Packers and Movers in Colaba.

Our company does the work of packing and moving with full responsibility. We do the packing work in Colaba with all most care. Pack glass items with customized packing material. We use standers box for glass items. We use bubble wrap, cargo sheet, cardboard, stretch film roll and foam sheet etc. for home shifting in Colaba. Reliable and fast Packers and Movers in Colaba.

We offer Professional Packing and Moving services in Colaba

Ecostal removals is providing quality packing and moving services in Colaba. We are working since 2014 by the people of Colaba. We also do the work of transportation along with packing in Colaba. Providing service from courier to cargo in Colaba. Professional and skilled Packers and Movers in Colaba.

When it comes to shifting, this is one of the hardest things to do. Shifting work is risky job in Colaba. Many times, it happens that it becomes difficult to get lift here. Due to not being able to reach, the goods have to be climbed up stairs or by means money. fastest and reliable Packers and Movers in Colaba.

Local Packers and Movers in Colaba

We provide the service of local shifting at absolutely fine prices. Use covered vehicle, packing sheet and plastics crates for local shifting in Colaba. Local shifting lasts only between 15 to 20 kilometres, yet good care has been to taken. Local shifting more time because in this the work of the both sides have to be done at the same time. So, providing No #1 local shifter in Colaba.

Domestic Packers and Movers in Colaba

We are counted at number 5th in the listing of Packers and Movers in Colaba. Our company is able wipe the household goods everywhere in India. If we are sending goods from Colaba to somewhere else, then we have to take good care of the packing of the goods. That’s why our company is doing packing and moving work at high level in Colaba.

International Packers and Movers in Colaba

We provide international packing services for countries outside in Colaba. If you are searching for Packers and Movers Colaba for international shifting, then we are your absolutely near you. Cannot hand over our valuables’ household to someone like this for International shifting in Colaba. When we send the goods to outside country, we have to think a lot of which company is best to deliver goods outside.

Our company and staff are expert in their work. Company is global level based and our expertise is competent for international packing and moving services in Colaba, we have to ability to ship goods to more than +25 countries.

Documentation for International packing and moving services:

  • Passport – issued by government
  • Visa – for moving new country
  • Work order
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical report
  • School record
  • marriage proof
  • New place residence documents

If you any relocation, transportation, logistics and furniture related enquiry call us 864 5000 864, visit our website or mail us india@ecostals[dot]com.

Bike transportation services in Colaba

Our company is providing bike transportation service since 2014. for the convenience of bike transportation, we have given the facility of special truck. Colaba is such a developed city where people come from all over. people do not have enough time to drive their bikes from the road and bring them. We are specializing bike transportation in Colaba. That’s why company is giving professional services at affordable prices in Colaba.

We pack the bike well so that there is no problem while loading. Also make wooden crate to cover the bike well. Company produces wooden crate for more expensive bikes, the bike should not have any dent or stretches at the loading and unloading point. So, our company is ultimate bike transportation service provider in Colaba. Bike transportation in Colaba. To pack the bike, we have skilled professionals who do high quality packing with their own technicism’s.

Bike transport service in Colaba

We have spread our facility in Navi Mumbai, thane and Bhiwandi etc. Handle all the areas that are near us branch of Colaba. Our office in the exact centre in Colaba so that we have transport city together here and goods can be moved easily. Bike booking process are very easy. Ship the bike to domestics and international level. Best bike transportation in Colaba.

Car transportation in Colaba

Ecostal removals is providing car transport service in Colaba. Deliver your car without any stress. The company has its own car trailers. We have car experts. The car is sent through transport from one place to another place without any damage. Deliver the car from one place to the desired location. While transporting, the car condition documents are prepared from here. After this process is completed, all the documents of the car are checked.

We are the best car transport in Colaba.

Car engine should be in running condition. Easily load into the truck. We have all types of car trailers in Colaba city. Our company has three types of car carriers. We have car trailers facility from 20 feet to 70. In the longest carrier, six to eight cars can be load. After that we trailers from 2 to 4. Then we have special car trailers available for single car also. Many precautions have to be taken while loading in the truck.

The company also has single open trucks. We also have facility to load car from customer’s doorstep. Professional Car transportation in Colaba. We have skilled drivers available so that the delivery of the car can be done without any tension. When we deliver the car customer’s home, it is inspection. Our company has a collection of all types of cars for transportation. Transport only insured car. We also cover the transit insurance of the vehicle so that there are no chances of any untoward incident during shipping.

Car moving services in Colaba

We give you unique car moving services in Colaba, Haryana. Our car transport service in Colaba. We have expensive car traffic. Because our company keeps the well-settled trailer and skilled driver under supervision to ship the car.

We are providing best car transportation services in Colaba since 2014. Keeps well-cleaned and GPS tracking system available 24×7 in Colaba. Our Car expert drivers gives you best delivery at your doors without any damages, scratches and dent.

Domestics car transportation in Colaba

If you have sent the car to any place in India, then we allow our car carrier to work, sometimes due to workload, we have to hire the trailer from the market. We provide on time car delivered without any delay in Colaba

International car transportation in Colaba

If you want to send your car out of India by us, then we send by two routes either by air or ship. We ship your car safe and swift so that you get it on time without any damages or delay. Our international car move expert advised you as per required. So, we are in car transportation in Colaba.

Fine Art Movers in Colaba: Shipping and Packing services

Ecostal removals Packers and Movers in Colaba, providing fine art shipping services since 2014. We are providing the facility of fine art shipping and packing in Colaba at low cost. Fine art shipping and packing is a work. In these we need a lot of material for packing. For packing art, along with the material, knowledge is also needed. We are well versed in this art. That’s why we are one of the top-quality fine art shipping and packing company in Colaba.

We are the best Packers and Movers in Colaba. And with this we also get to know about many arts. Our company has years of experience in the world of fine art shipping and packing services in Colaba. If you ask our staff about the packing of art, then you will get information about everything. Our packing professional has many years of fine art handling experience. Despite having fine art experience, staff sees the work of art in its form.

As part of our professional team, accurate works closely with the gallery owner and the art world. plans the strategy of art and stays in near all time. Company is providing the best fine art handling and storage facility in Colaba. Fine art staff also fulfilled with art skilled and work experience No #1 Packers and Movers in Colaba for fine art shipping and packing handling.

Quality for fine art services

  • Quality Shipping materials
  • Global network for the fine art shipping companies
  • Technology and advance work method
  • Professional and trained staff
  • 24/7 helpline for customers
  • Well cleaned storage for fine arts
  • Quality packing materials for fine arts
  • mentioned offices and warehouses
  • Large scale storage spaces
  • +06 fine art experienced
  • Pan India strong network
  • +25 worldwide network connectivity
  • Safe and Secure fine art services
  • Reliable fine art services at low quote

3 ways for transport the goods in Colaba

By road

Additionally send the goods from one place to any other region through road traffic in Colaba. We use of road transport, we ship items accurately and quick. Road site visitors is likewise use because, when the clients have a FTL so the truck can without difficulty supply the goods from the customers domestic to destination with no trouble. Our floor (via road) facilities are safe with nicely wipe clean automobiles GPS systematic for items shifting in Colaba.

By air

Ordinarily airways use for the courier. Inside the use of airways, we carry whilst any items can be digested quick and deliver is on time. The facility of air delivery is considered to be the fastest in the transport industries. Air visitors is in most cases use for massive consignments. We’re most green airlines (by way of air) provider issuer with none delay in Colaba.

By sea

The ship uses in general for oil organization and large quantity cargo from one port to some other country’s port. While we ship the products out from the seaways there are so many processes must to be awoke by way of the technique. Seaways is the satisfactory manner to transport items at low price range in Colaba.

Insurance facility for packers and movers in Colaba

Coverage for packers and movers
Packers and movers generally offer coverage facilities to their customers to make certain their home equipment, fixtures, own family gadgets, and extraordinary valuable gadgets in opposition to any damage on the identical time because the objects are in transit.

The ones packers and movers generally offer all-inclusive coverage, meaning they guarantee towards any damage that could stand up whilst unloading, transporting, loading, or packing. This guarantee is among the packing and transferring commercial enterprise this is shifting objects and the client.

As some distance because the customers are concerned, insurance groups aren’t concerned. however, to defend clients’ belongings, there’s a special sort of insurance known as transit coverage. Transit insurance facility is provided by means of way of fashionable coverage businesses and the safety internet charges nearly half of the entire inclusive insurance.

Packers and movers’ coverage and benefits

The packing and shifting coverage expenses absolutely depend on the kinds of coverage (transit coverage and all-inclusive insurance) you need to shop for and the sort of gadgets (washing gadget, couch set, and so on.) you need to insure. if you purchase transit insurance, then you’ll be charged with the costs.

Transportation insurance

Advantages of insuring items in transit guide

In case you’re moving items to or from the India it’s beneficial to ensure there is ok insurance cover. This safeguards in opposition to the chance that items can be lost, damaged or not on time due to the fact you can claim compensation if there is any ensuing financial loss for your business.

Shipment insurance

A typical shipment insurance coverage covers items in transit thru street, rail, sea or air. In its best shape it gives cover towards unintentional harm and different risks. The opposite excessive is a complete all-hazard coverage, masking a variety of designated accidents – which include damage throughout loading, robbery and negligence.

The cost of your coverage and wherein circumstances you will obtain compensation will depend upon:

  • The price of the goods in transit
  • The expiry date of the insurance policy
  • Whether the journey is home or global
  • Restrained liability

Without insurance you have got simplest the minimum protection on your goods because freight forwarders and vendors commonly have confined liability within the event of loss, or harm or postpone. This comes from the world over ratified conventions – see your invoice of lading or sea waybill for details – and the standard trading conditions of transport institutions.

Cost for (all risk-transit) insurance

All risk insurance

Usually, you’ll have to pay an insurance premium that is based totally on the overall cost of the goods that you declare and is round 3% of the total value of the goods. This quantity must be paid in complete earlier than the move.

Transit insurance

The packing and shifting coverage costs absolutely depend upon the kinds of insurance (transit insurance and all-inclusive insurance) you want to purchase and the sort of items (washing system, couch set, etc.) you need to insure. In case you buy transit coverage, then you will be charged with the costs of 1.5% greater rate as an coverage rate.

Process accompanied by movers and packers Colaba

The following is the process that customers and carrier companies ought to go through earlier than availing offerings by us packers and movers in Colaba.

Quotation system

Estimation system is performed by way of our crew of professional on the site. The crew visits the client’s region and estimates the whole requirement and offers the rate citation in addition to the vehicle requirement in conjunction with transit time. The quotation is provided by way of the specialists to the worried authority. As soon as approval is received the method is taken to the next step.


Insurance is recommended for goods which are to be sent in transit. Coverage can be acquired through an insurance provider, and it’s far endorsed that all fragile goods be insured at the very least to avoid any ability harm during transit or whilst loading and unloading items.

Packing technique

In Colaba We Ecostal removals Packers and movers use appropriate excellent corrugated bins, bubble wraps, and other packing fabric to ensure whole protection of the packed items throughout transit.


The packed packing containers are then moved to the car it needs to be transported in. Containers are stacked with care in sequence to make certain that not anything is left at the back of unsecured.

Transit technique

Within the transit system, Ecostal removals packers and movers in Colaba, deal with the safety of the products. The entire consignment is escorted below the manager of an professionals. As soon as the goods reach the vacation spot, they ensure all boxes are unloaded with care and transferred to the particular vicinity with uttermost care.


The products are unloaded when they reach the destination. The team unloads the products ensuring the products aren’t broken at the same time as unloading or moving from the car to the certain vicinity.


The goods are then stacked internal new vicinity to be unpacked. The crew unpacks all containers and smartly aligns the items earlier than verifying with their tick list. If required, they may additionally assist set the brand-new place earlier than leaving.

Beware from fraud packers and movers in Colaba

Earlier than hire packers and movers in Colaba corporations might be aggravating and risky to a degree because of the presence of many fake and unprofessional moving organization in Colaba. Such fraud relocation offerings vendors make it tough to perceive them. Fraudster attract clients with low-fee quotes and promise top packing moving services.

However, such cheating shifting groups in Colaba will turn out to be offering extremely negative-best transferring and harm your household items. They may also scouse borrow your items or maintain them hostage in demand for extra cash.dling of your valuable assets.

Take a look at the movers and packers in Colaba details

Earlier than moving into touch with any Colaba movers and packers’ companies, ensure to do a radical history check by means of searching into the general information like corporation internet site, years of experience, and the listing of relocation offerings they provide. It’s also crucial to validate the movers and packers Colaba touch numbers and move-test in the event that they have a valid workplaces setup in person at the cope with mentioned on their internet site.

Verify registration documents of shifting agency

Check if the packers’ movers Colaba organization have the necessary govt of India authorization files like GST certificate, business registration/store license, office deal with proof, owner id proof, and so forth. To be at the more secure side you may also word the GSTIN range of the organization so that you can track them down in dire situations.

Go-test carrier pleasant supplied

Great of offerings furnished will decide the protection and success of moving homes, places of work, or transporting cars from Colaba. Before hiring any Colaba packer and mover firm, make sure you test which packaging substances they use and discover how they may percent, handle, and move the goods. Also get facts approximately whether or not they use their very own vehicles for transportation or rent from 1/3 Parties. Compare extraordinary packers and movers in Colaba charges

Provide an explanation for the moving requirements

On your listing of movers and packers in Colaba and get as a minimum four-5 value quotations. Examine the Colaba packers’ movers fee charts alongside relocation enterprise profiles, and packing shifting services supplied to pick out out the maximum less expensive transferring provider issuer near you. Ensure to test in the event that they have any hidden charges.

Examine preceding clients’ remarks

It’s additionally vital to study the packers and movers’ evaluations and scores of Colaba transferring and packing corporations to understand what the previous clients have to say approximately them and check if the complaints overpower compliments. Also, discover the provider pleasant presented and their stage of pleasure on the end of relocation to make certain the cash you’re spending can be really worth it.

Do now not blindly select most inexpensive packers and movers in Colaba

Package deal and movers Colaba quoting low-value domestic relocation expenses may become fraud and steal your property. Reasonably-priced packers and movers Colaba normally offer extremely poor-quality moving services and must now not be trusted with your household goods. Negotiate for better deals & price-brought offerings

Selected a straightforward and expert packers and movers Colaba

Company, do no longer absolutely cross ahead with the price manner. Negotiate with the moving company to get better offers and discounts in your final rate. Additionally ask if they are jogging any offers for first-timers or ordinary customers.

Carefully read the documents before signing

Before finalizing your cope with the Colaba relocation company or signing any prison files, make sure you undergo the papers very well earlier than signing it. read and apprehend each and every factor of their phrases & situations and check if they have mentioned all of your asked listing of services inside the office work.

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